At The Bank of Mauston we understand your needs working towards a successful business. Discover how we can help you minimize expenses and save time towards your road to success!


All business checking accounts at the Bank of Mauston feature these benefits:

  • Images of cancelled checks
  • Ability to receive duplicate checks
  • Convenient automatic payments on loans from the Bank of Mauston, as well as other bill payments
  • Overdraft protection that will take money from a savings account to ensure a positive balance and no overdraft fees
  • Option to easily transfer money between accounts at The Bank of Mauston via Internet and telephone

Regular Business Account

This account is ideal for small business accounts with minimal account transactions each  month.  There is a minimum opening balance  of $100.00.  There is a $4.00 monthly service charge as well as a $.10 charge per debit item.  However, if you maintain a minimum daily balance of at least $1,000 the fee will be waived.

Business NOW Account

The NOW account is designed for sole proprietors, non-profit organizations and municipalities.  This account provides the same benefits of the Regular Business Checking or the Business Analysis Checking but accrues interest which is paid monthly!

Business Analysis Account

Competitive Fee Schedule that keeps our Accounts Affordable

Monthly account fee$5.00
Returned checks$5.00
Ledger entries - credits$0.25
Ledger entries - debits$0.10
Items deposited: Drawn on The Bank of Mauston$0.02
Items deposited: Drawn on local banks$0.04
Items deposited: Drawn on non-local banks$0.04
Rolled coin (per roll)$0.05
Currency straps (per strap)$0.35

The Bank of Mauston utilizes an account analysis method to track activity in business accounts to ensure the fair assessment of charges.  The method begins by taking your average available balance for the month, which is the average balance less, any funds that have not yet been collected, minus a 10% legal reserve rate (which is a cash or cash equivalents the government requires banks to keep on hand to remain liquid).  The result of this calculation gives us the balance available for services.  The following example shows how this method works.  An account Statement may show:

Average Balance$25,050.48
Less average uncollected funds$14,656.76
Average available balance$10,393.72
Less legal reserve$1,039.37
Balance available for service$9,354.35

Your balance available for services will accrue an earnings credit at the 90 day T-Bill rate (set at the 1st of the month), which will be applied to offset monthly charges.  For example, if your earnings credit allowance was $12.91 for the month, and the actual cost of your account activity (debits, credits, deposits, coin purchases and analysis charge) for the month was $31.19, your account maintenance fee would be $18.28.

To minimize or avoid a maintenance charge on your account, you are encouraged to maintain a high enough collected balance to offset the analysis charge.

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